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Put Your Customer First with Digital Transformation

In content strategy, we think a lot about customer experience (CX). CX is so much more than creating a pretty website. It involves your customer support call line or service center, your shipping department, your social media responsiveness, your actual product, your instructions for assembly/installation (are they in multiple languages?), your eCommerce store, your marketing and advertising, your invoicing…whew! You get the picture.

I’m finding that good customer experience forces a company to initiate digital transformation projects. Digital transformation puts the customer first. The whole point of digital transformation is to use the exponential advances that digital platforms offer to serve your customers better, find out what they want, and provide it. At Experis, we define digital transformation as the technology, business models, and process innovations to drive new value for customers and employees effectively compete in a changing digital environment.

If you’re customer-focused, you should already be thinking about what your company can do more efficiently through digital channels and platforms. Not addressing digital transformation now is the equivalent of a 19th-century company saying, “Let’s ignore this whole telephone thing. It’s too complicated and doesn’t apply to the way we do things.” Look what we do with our phones now.

Digital transformation doesn’t live in IT. It touches operations, marketing/communications, business, finance, and other functions. It might start with your website because, yes, having a website that loads fast, looks great, and is on-brand is crucial to customer experience. But it’s only one part.

My favorite question is: “Wouldn’t it be cool if…?”  Wouldn’t it be cool if you could order a ride in a clean car, know who your driver is, and see exactly how far away they are? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could order stuff with one click and have it shipped to your house? These now-classic examples of business “disruptions” speak to the power of digital transformation and clearly are more than just an attractive website.

What would that cool thing be for your customers? Decide this first through research, surveys, interviews, data mining, and then identify the digital transformation initiatives to deliver it. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes to find out what would be cool for them. Keep your research straightforward and simple. Look at HappyOrNot, for example – it’s simple, visual, and customers actually use it so companies get actionable data.

The bottom line is this: If you want to deliver a good customer experience, you’ve got to put digital first. Your customers do already.

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