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Content Marketers: Are You Marketable?

Content Marketing World 2015 has come and gone with a bang. What a great show! Not only did we enjoy the Hollywood Squares shows and the sessions, we especially enjoyed getting to know employers who visited us at the CMI booth looking for exceptional talent and to learn more about the new Career Center, launched this past June. It was also great to connect with people who were perhaps looking for a change.

At the conference, one person asked us a simple but important question: Am I marketable? As I reflected back on this question (and my answer) I realized it would be valuable to share to a larger audience.

As Joe addressed in the keynote, content marketing is at a peak. Organizations large and small are investing in – and are pushing – content marketing initiatives. Content marketers are now in demand more than ever before.

We content marketers possess a unique blend of skills that companies need now. As content marketers, we understand marketing concepts, content strategy, content creation, content reuse, and marketing technology. All of these skills apply to the growing emphasis on customer experience management. The combination of content marketing and customer experience management will fuel the demand of our skills for the next several years.

While the demand is clear, the next question to answer is are you specifically marketable. You’ll need to assess your skill set to get the answer. The most marketable resources have a combination of skills in content strategy, writing, technology, and some user experience. With this blend of experience, you would be qualified to hold a variety of in-demand roles across content marketing and customer experience.

I suggest trying a simple portfolio exercise. Take each of the four areas – content strategy, writing, technology, and user experience – and identify three real life examples from your work over the last five years in each area. This will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses now. From there, you can build your plan to close the gaps and start to consider new opportunities.
Editor’s Note: This post first appeared in the Content Marketing Career Center blog.