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Why You Can’t Ignore Video

Most of us would agree with the sentiment that with the information age comes information overload.  Advertising, email, news feeds, and social media content come at us from every direction day and night.  We will find any excuse to delete or bypass content if it doesn’t compel us to focus our attention on it, even for just a moment.

It is even more important for content marketers to attract and engage customers with information that jumps off the display, grabs your attention, is attractive, quick to digest, and relevant to the audience.

You may have noticed the recent trend of more self-running videos appearing on Facebook.  The color and movement of these videos grabs our attention away from static images or plain text.  Video is the best medium for engaging and converting audiences to customers.  It gives us a visual experience in a way that text never can.

It’s true that video marketing is an art; it takes time and skill to do it right, and to craft a piece that truly engages viewers.  But it’s also a science.

Emily Ross shared some interesting statistics in her recent article, “The Science Behind Why Video Works”:

  • 65 percent of people are visual learners.
  • Videos are 12 times more likely to be viewed than text is to be read and is processed 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Video can explain complex ideas in a few moments that would take pages of text to explain.

Videos trigger emotions.  As we identify with a person we are watching, emotional responses form empathy, create emotional connections, and even build trust in a product or brand.  Campaigns with purely emotional content perform twice as well as campaigns with only rational content.

Video is memorable. Because of the science of our eyes, brains and emotional responses, the play button is considered the most compelling call to action.

Consider what Owen Hemsath, who’s an expert at video marketing on his YouTube channel, VideoSpot, and runs, has to say: “We’ve found that on Facebook shorter videos with a clear commercial message outperform ‘content-based’ ads promoting the same offer. In other words, if you’re selling something, sell it and do it quickly. The talking head videos may perform well if you’re a clearly established personality but for most brands, that won’t be the case. Give the audience a visually impactful video that leads to your funnel.”

If you’re not using video in your content marketing, it’s time to start.