Sparks from a sparkler

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Creating Content

You’re probably not lazy, not one bit. Like most B2B marketers and communicators I know, you work really hard brainstorming, planning, writing, designing, and producing a ton of content that only gets used once in a while, or even just once.

Take the lazy person’s way to get more from the effort you put into creating your content. I’m talking ROI for your investment of time, brainpower, and creativity. You’ll have to be comfortable editing and rewriting a bit, but that’s so much easier than starting from scratch, don’t you think?

Here are some ideas for reusing and repurposing your content to work smarter, not harder:

Grab copy from a proposal and turn it into a best practices cheat sheet.

The brilliant thinkers on your team have already put hours (or days) into describing the methods behind the way your group works, so share that information with a bigger audience – and turn it into a sales enablement tool.

Transform a conference presentation into a white paper or an eBook.

You’ll have to add copy to fill in the gaps where the presenter spoke to an illustration or image, but that’s a heck of a lot easier to do than starting with a blank page. If you have an audio file of the presentation, transcribe it. Voila! A text from which to start.

Follow a webinar with a Q&A session with your subject matter expert.

Attendees ask intriguing questions at the end of a webinar, but there’s often not enough time to answer them all. Schedule a 10- or 15-minute live session – via free platforms like Google Hangout or Twitter – and have your SME answer the remaining questions.

Bonus: Record video of your SME answering the questions and create snippets of the most informative moments. These little nuggets go a long way to populate your Twitter feed and your YouTube channel, while engaging your audiences.

Create a quiz from your assessment methods.

If you tend to ask clients the same questions in evaluating their needs, you’ve got an interactive quiz in the making.

Capture wins as they happen.

Right after a project closes, encourage the project leader to record what happened in a template so you can create a case study from it later.

The moral of the story? You have more content than you think you do. I hope this post inspires you to find five more ways to reuse and repurpose your content.