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What is “Customer Experience” and Why Does it Matter?

Customer Experience ManagementCustomer experience (or “CX”) management is the complete management of the end-to-end customer engagement with an organization. This starts with the initial introduction to the organization or product. A consumer will then evaluate – and hopefully buy – a product. Once the product is bought, a consumer may require support for the product. Along the way, the consumer might get attached emotionally to the product and, hopefully, the organization or brand. Through social media and other interactions, a relationship will develop, and that’s where the value comes in for organizations. Nurturing and growing this relationship across a customer’s complete experience is now the key.

As content professionals, we now need to realize that the old definitions of marketing, technology, and language services have changed. All of these disciplines now should be applied through the lens of customer engagement management. For example, digital marketing is just a tool that fits into a customer experience. If you are providing a product to a new region or into a new language, you do so to create a new customer experience or reinforce the brand relationship.

With web content management systems offering functionality like content targeting, personalization, and marketing automation, there are many different touch points through which a customer engages with a web property. Savvy organizations listen to and interact with their customers through social media, as well.

Customer experience will be a driving force for change in the next five years. The old adage that it takes more energy to obtain new business from new client or customer than an existing client is the driving force behind customer experience or customer engagement management. The skills to support this trend exist today, but require a broader, cross-discipline view. We need to be prepared to adapt.