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Recruit Your Social Media “Army” for Sourcing

Sometimes it takes an army to recruit the right resources for a particular position. Social media is the perfect place to find that “army” and put them on the frontlines to search for that special candidate or promote open positions. And creating awesome content to use on different social networks doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

Here are some basic tips on how to get started engaging on social networking websites like LinkedIn, Bullhorn Reach, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, GetHired, JobMagic and others.

1. Make your content interesting and fun to read. You can’t engage with someone who doesn’t even acknowledge your message.

2. Once you’ve enticed someone to pay attention to your message or read your content, make sure it’s worth reading. Even when it’s used for social recruiting, content still needs to follow these rules:
• Be professional
• Exercise common sense
• Use good grammar and spelling
• Check your facts before sharing anything

3. Share messages that are interesting and relevant to the company and to your social media connections. Share things other people have written, re-tweet great content, and, of course, create unique content whenever you can. The content doesn’t have to be exclusive to your business, but it does have to be relevant.

Don’t be intimidated to jump in and recruit your social media “army” to help source candidates. You might be surprised at the connections you make.

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